BILLBOARD by Minus Tio


Vendor: Minus Tio

 A billboard to draw on, to attach magnets to, to leave as a painting, to build a colourful wall from or to present as a foreign object, a "conversation piece". All at once.

Billboard is the latest work by Mats Theselius and Andreas Roth. It is made in a number of carefully selected colours or with a printed grid pattern. The Billboards can be built and combined, horizontally or vertically. They are assembled on the wall with a connection system, thereby avoiding assembly screws in the front surface.



  • Design: Mats Theselius and Andreas Roth
  • Dimensions: Height 1100mm / Width 720mm / Depth 25mm
  • Colour: Zinc Yellow (RAL 1018), Pastel Green (RAL 6019), Light Pink (RAL 3015), Strawberry red (RAL 3018), Oyster White (RAL 1013), Pure White (RAL 9010), Cream (RAL 9001), Papyrus White (RAL 9018)
  • Pattern: Small Grid, Large Grid (only available in white hue)
  • Material: steel

Manufactured in Sweden

*Ships within 5-8 weeks